Started implementing "incidents"

Hi all,

We've started the implementation of "incidents", what that means is.

When one of your monitors go offline, a new "incident" will be created, and when you monitor comes back online, the...

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Reports bugs & suggestions the easy way!

Hi all, just a quick update:

We've added an 'issue collector' so that you guys can quickly and easely report any bugs you may find, or suggestion you may have.

Simply click the blue button that...

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"ExpectedStatus" has been added


When setting up a webpage monitor, you can now decide to assert any response code, instead of just a 200.

You might want to for example check a 301 (redirect) instead ..

More features...

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Blog has been added

Hi al, we decided to add this simple blog, as a way of keeping you guys op to date an changes !

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